Our Adult Karts

The SODI RX7 go-kart features a Honda GX270cc engine to power you around the track at speeds up to 40mph! And safety comes standard; our go-karts meet all safety guidelines for indoor karting and offer outstanding shock stability and impact resistance. Additionally, these karts offer seat and pedal adjustments to ensure a proper and comfortable fit for drivers 16-years-old and 55″ tall and up. We offer a seat insert to ensure smaller drivers fit snugly in the seat. Ask trackside and our trained crew will gladly help you get the fit you need to race your best!

Youth & Adult

Full Throttle Indoor Karting runs both youth and adult karts so that all ages 8 and up fit properly and have a great racing experience.

Fully Adjustable

Our karts feature adjustable seats and pedals, and seat inserts are available for smaller racers. We can accommodate most shapes and sizes!

Green & Clean

Custom catalytic converters developed for our karts reduce dangerous gas output to almost nothing! Clean air to breath, no smelling like fumes!

Our Youth Karts

Also from SODI, our Youth Karts offer all of the same features of the RX-7 in a smaller frame. The kart is powered by a Honda GX160cc engine enabling speeds close to 25mph. These karts have adjustable seats, pedals and steering column for drivers 8-15 and at least 48” tall.