Our Valuable Team Members

Joe O'Gorman
Joe O'GormanOwner, Director of Development
Joe has autocrossed for about 8 years now with the SCCA. He also takes his ’06 Miata to track days all over the Mid West. He recently purchased his first dedicated race car so he can race in the same class as his son Tom.
Joe seems to know everyone. He is often seen talking to his new best friend.
Aaron Banfield
Aaron BanfieldOwner, Director of Operations
Aaron is also the owner of Ohio Kart Racing and spends his weekends up with the Ohio Valley Karting Association in Camden.  He races in the Clone class and provides support and training for many racers in OVKA.  Aaron also is an avid supporter of the Racing 4 Vets program.
Aaron is a referee for the US Wheelchair Rugby Association and an accomplished practical joker.
Big Stig

David Santel
David SantelMarketing Manager
David races just about anything he can get his hands on. He owns two autocross cars but rarely races them as he is always begging for a ride in someone else’s nicer car.  Dave also recently got into motorcycles and spends his off hours building his latest cafe racer project.
Dave once wrestled a live bear to save an old lady and won.
Ostrich Jockey
Carrie Koverman
Carrie KovermanGroup Sales Manager
Carrie is our novice racer but enjoys good competition as well as fun and unique events like the ones she plans for Full Throttle groups! As a local event planner for 10 years, she’ll be sure that your group is still talking about go karting for weeks!

Aaron Hirsch
Aaron HirschAssistant Manager
Aaron’s the fastest kid at the putt-putt “go-karts”.  He coined “I wanna go fast” long before Ricky Bobby was even a thought.  Luckily he stumbled upon some slightly faster go-karts to play with daily.
Aaron holds the world record for longest underwater yodelling.
Baked Beans
Richard Lee
Richard LeeAssistant Manager
Ever since the nostalgic days of the playstation 1, Richard has been the undisputed household champ of the need for speed series. Now days he likes to rip through the gears of his focus to get that daily fix for speed!
Although he is quite the speed demon, Richard also enjoys rapping, playing basketball, drawing and even fishing in his spare time!
Chelsea Williams
Chelsea WilliamsAssistant Manager
Chelsea is still working up the courage to tackle the adult karts, but she’ll kick your butt in the youth karts!
It’s extremely easy to make Chelsea giggle. Literally just say hi to her and she’ll laugh!
Chelsea is hungryyyyy


Jerry Ulm
Jerry UlmChief Mechanic
Jerry hates grip and can be seen sideways at the local dirt track.
Jerry fixes every problem on a kart with a hammer. We don’t know how he does it, but he does it.