We run our Adrenaline Rush super track in both directions all day every Tuesday.

Rush track runs in reverse all day every Wednesday, and Adrenaline track runs in reverse all day every Thursday.


Racing starts for kids ages 4 and up who can race our Micro Mile karts. Individuals at least 8-years-old and 48” tall can drive our youth karts. Individuals at least 16-years-old and 55″ tall can drive our adult karts.

Nope! We are open to the public 7 days a week for racing with no reservation required. We do offer a reservation policy which can be found HERE.

Members can call ahead and reserve an individual spot in a race. They must already have races on their account or pay for reserved races over the phone. We require at least 2-hours’ notice for members to reserve a spot. Click HERE for more information on our reservation policy for members and non-members.

All participants under 18 years of age are required to have a parent or legal guardian signature on the Full Throttle Indoor Karting Liability Waiver. If a parent or legal guardian will not be accompanying the minor participant, please print and complete the MINOR WAIVER FORM and bring it with you. We require one waiver per minor participant and it must completely filled out.  If the parent or legal guardian will be accompanying the minor participant, an electronic waiver will be used upon arrival and there is no need to print the form.


Absolutely! Standard helmets with a visor, and motocross helmets with strapped on goggles are acceptable.  Open face helmets or helmets with little or no eye protection cannot be worn.

No, Full Throttle has everything you need to race. Be sure to wear close-toed shoes – no sandals, flip-flops or other shoes that don’t attach firmly to your feet.

No, our racing is open to anyone that meets the age and height requirements. Be sure to check the online calendar for special events when the track may be closed to the public.

We run youth karts with only youth karts and adult karts with only adult karts. While everyone drives on the same track, youth karts race in different heats than adult karts. This ensures everyone stays safe.

The Sodi RX-8 has adjustable pedals and seats and a longer frame. The karts were ordered with extra-large seats to accommodate a wide variety of sizes. You can always ask for a courtesy-fit if you are unsure.

We have seat inserts available for smaller drivers. The seat insert helps ensure a snug fit. Ask in pit lane – our crew can help get you comfortable. Remember – the seats and pedals adjust.

The waiver needs to be signed by the minor’s parent or legal guardian. Click HERE to download a copy of our waiver. If a parent or legal guardian will not be present, he or she may fill this form out and send it in with their child.

Practice and smooth driving will be rewarded with improved lap times. Too much sliding or trying to drift will slow you down…Remember in the slower turns – slow in=fast out.

You bet – we are all racers here. Ask our crew for pointers. We keep track maps available and are always willing to provide tips to get the most out of each lap.

Once they’ve earned it – absolutely. We offer a graduated driving program to allow youth to test up to the adult karts. We are happy to run a driving test and let them show off their skill (Driving tests are not conducted during peak times). They need to demonstrate the ability to turn consistent laps under 35 seconds on Adrenaline or 28 seconds on Rush in the youth kart to qualify to take the test. Once they qualify, they need to demonstrate control and be able to consistently turn laps under 33 seconds on Adrenaline or 25 seconds on Rush in the adult karts. Additionally, youth drivers must be at least 55″ tall to drive our adult karts. Think tall thoughts!

Yes – we need to do it when the track is quieter. No testing will be done after 12:00 PM on Friday and Saturday. It is up to the on-duty manager to allow the test or not.

Our scheduling system automatically assigns heat numbers. We do run races out of sequence from time to time for various reasons. Watch the monitors and screens in the track and waiting areas to keep track of heat numbers. If you have a question – please ask.

ProSkill is a handicap based on your experience (number of races) and performance (against others on the track). Each racer starts with 1200 points. Points are won or lost based on lap times and experience.

An infinite number of monkeys on an infinite number of typewriters.

Easy – just show up for the drivers meeting! Our leagues are an open format, so you don’t have to register in advance or commit to a full season.  The format varies week to week.  Check out our Leagues Page for the current schedule!

We installed a state-of-the-art ventilation system that constantly moves air into and out of the building. We monitor air quality with a series of sensors, and the system adjusts to conditions to ensure adequate ventilation.

We host the best birthday parties in town. Ask our group sales specialists to help put that memorable party together for you. See our Birthday Parties page for more info about our packages!

Sure – we can run different formats for groups of 8 or more. Keep in mind, we can’t run special formats during our weekend busy times (after 6 PM on Saturday). Check the racing formats under the Group tab on the website – or let one of our specialists build a custom format for you.

Our crew will do their best to get you scheduled into the next available time slot, or we can schedule in for a future date.

No, Full Throttle is an alcohol-free facility. We are insured as a motorsports facility, and cannot allow alcohol into the building.

Yes, the maximum weight for participants is 350lbs.