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More fast fun. Only this time with axes.

It’s the latest craze. As in a little crazy. You throw a sharp axe at a wooden target in our 20-foot long cages. It’s like turbo-charged darts on steroids. And so much fun, it takes two trite expressions to describe it.

It sounds dangerous, but fear not. The experts at Full Throttle give you all the safety training you need. And let’s face it, the illusion of danger is what makes it a thrill.

It’s the perfect medieval millennial past time. Your boss actually expects you to work? The barista got your order wrong? There’s a funny smell in your mom’s basement? Throw an axe. You’ll feel much better.

$20 per thrower


Our pricing plan is simple. NOW $10 per thrower per hour. We recommend one hour for groups of up to six people and 90 minutes for groups larger than six.

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  • We have fourteen lanes in Tri-County and six in Florence.
  • Groups of six people will be guaranteed a private lane. With one to five throwers, you may be mixed with other walk-ins or small groups during peak times.
  • The first five minutes are used for a safety briefing. The last five are used to pick up the pieces. So far no body parts.
  • Walk-ins are first-come, first-served. Call to reserve a lane and skip the line.
  • All axe throwers must be 14 or older.

Frequently asked questions

What is the dress code?
Besides requiring general good taste (no shirts, no shoes, no service), the only restriction is no open-toed shoes. We want you to leave with as many toes as you came in with.
Are there any age restrictions?
Axe throwing participants can be as young as 14 years old if they can safely control the axe. Parent or guardian must be present for anyone under 18.
How many can throw?
We like to keep all your fingers, toes, and other body parts attached, so we limit it to a single thrower at one time. That being said, most groups will put 4+ people taking turns on a single lane. After all, axe throwing is a team sport!
What else is there for guests to do?
There’s a lot of adrenaline to be spent at Full Throttle. We offer high-speed indoor go-karts for ages three and up, snacks, beverages, and the celebratory dances once you stick a bullseye!
Can I bring my own axe?
Sorry, only Full Throttle axes are permitted. It’s just safer that way.
Are walk-in throwing times available?
Walk-in axe throwing is available most of the time we’re open. It’s first-come, first-served. We only close for full-facility rentals and certain special events. You can call ahead to verify availability or you can always book online to secure your time.