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Adrenaline Pass

Adrenaline Pass, Full Throttle’s best activity plan. Providing the best value for our guest, this reserved 2-hour pass provides access to our most popular activities: high-speed karting and axe throwing. It also provides discounted rates for Paintball and Virtual Reality. Guests can try any combination of activities or focus on their favorite!

What You Receive:
  • 2-Hour Reserved Session
  • High Speed Go-Karting 6-minute race session. At the conclusion of your race, you may visit the CSR to schedule an additional race or alternate activity as time and space allow. 
  •  Axe Throwing featuring a wide variety of digitally-projected targets and themes. Axe throwing sessions generally range from 15-30 minutes in duration. At the conclusion of your axe session, you may visit the CSR to schedule additional time or alternate activity as time and space allow. Limited to Ages 12+ 
  • Discounts on Other Activities
    • Virtual-Reality Sessions for only $10 (regularly priced at $20). Each Virtual-Reality session includes a 15-minute immersive experience.
    • Paintball discount of $10 Off regular price. From first-time paintballers to the battle-hardened pro, we have something for everyone. 
Important Information:
  • Reservations are strongly encouraged.
  • You must have an annual license in order to participate in karting, $8.00.
Helpful Tip:
  • Consider Off-Peak Days & Hours. Similar to visiting an amusement park, you may be able to participate in substantially more activities if you purchase an Adrenaline Pass for off-peak days and hours. These are typically Monday through Thursday before 6:00 PM.

Tues-Thurs Adrenaline Pass - Starting Jan 3, 2023 $45.00

Axe Throwing

Axe and relax with friends and family! We have a wide variety of digitally-projected targets and games for you to choose from, while keeping track of scoring with the click of a button. 

  • If you selected an Adrenaline Pass above, do NOT select this item.
  • Limited to Ages 12+ 
  • The first 5-minutes are used for a Safety Briefing and the last 5-minutes are used to clean up the carnage, with Coaching in between. 
  • Sessions start at time of reservation, so please arrive early to ensure you receive your full throwing time, and don't forget your closed-toe shoes!
  • Limited throwing-lane inventory is available online due to our popular Adrenaline Pass, which includes axe throwing time. If your preferred date & time is showing SOLD OUT, please consider an Adrenaline Pass or feel free to try walk-in (subject to availability).

1 Hour Axe Session $20.00

Rage Room

Do you suffer from or experience bouts of uncontrollable rage?  Full Throttle Adrenaline Park is pleased to offer a 100% Natural, Safe, Powerful and Extremely Effective solution.  No Prescription Needed, however, Reservations are Strongly Suggested.  

To be honest, you don't even have to be angry, and smashing stuff is still a blast! From glass bottles to flat screen TVs, smash your heart out. 

Important Details:

  • You must be 16 or older to participate. Guests aged 16-17 must be accompanied by a responsible aged 21+ in the room and participating in the activity. 
  • Consumption of alcohol prior to Rage Room participation is strictly prohibited.
  • Rage Rooms can accommodate up to 4 participants at a time, and each will take turns smashing.
  • Full Throttle will provide safety equipment - coveralls, hard hat, eye protection, etc. - you just bring the rage, and close toed shoes! 
  • Your standalone Rage Room package will include 1 Glass Package per paid guest.
  • Additional Smashables can be purchased separately, at the next step after selecting Checkout.
  • Standalone Smash Time experiences last about 1 hour. This includes time for check-in, gearing up, Safety Briefing and about 15-30 minutes of smashing depending on number of smashables purchased.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you selected an Adrenaline Pass above, do NOT select this Standalone Rage Room reservation.

Smash Time with Glass Package $25.00


From first-time paintballers to the battle-hardened pro, we have something for everyone. Packages include:
  • All-Day Field Pass
  • All-Day Air
  • Paintball Coveralls
  • Standard Rental Mask
  • Standard Paintball Marker
  • Specified Number of Paintballs (200, 500 or 1,000)
Have your own gear packages include paintball choices of 500 or 1,000.

Have bad aim? Upgrade your equipment on the next step to gain an edge on your competition. Participants must be ages 10+. Paintball packages are discounted $10 with the purchase of the Adrenaline Pass.

1,000 Paintball Package $60.00
500 Paintball Package $50.00
200 Paintball Package $40.00
Have Own Gear 1,000 Paintballs $50.00
Have Own Gear 500 Paintballs $40.00

Virtual Reality

Each Virtual-Reality session includes a 15-minute immersive experience in our Omni Arena. Select your favorite game to play, whether it’s the just released Paranormal: Enter the Manor, Elite Force (Military PvP), Killing Zombies, Defeating Captain Black Beard, or working cooperatively to defeat robots.  We have games that everyone will love!

3 VR Sessions $41.00
1 VR Session $20.00
2 VR Sessions $32.00


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